Wemco Testimonials

Testimonial-1, From Pennie Baldaccl, September 9, 2016


 On a regular basis I visit Commonwealth Bank on cable Beach. Every time I’m greeted with a warm smile and friendly “Good Morning” by Officer Christopher Missick. My response is usually “Hello and how are you today”? To which Mr. Missick always replies “EXCELLENT”.

In today’s world, sadly customer service is disappearing. Warm friendly greetings, professionalism, general happiness and good will are rare qualities. Mr. Missick is the first person I see as I enter Commonwealth bank, he alone can set the tone of my banking experience.


I congratulate your company pn an excellent staff member and encourage you to use Mr. Missick as a mentor for your employees and reward him accordingly, as he certainly has the right attitude and gifts in hospitality.


Thank you,


Yours sincerely,


Pennie Baldacci 



Testimonial-2, From Latoya Smith


Wemco has given me and my company peace of mind. We have CCTV services with Wemco and it is great for us to know that they are constantly monitoring our different locations. We know that we are always covered, one way or another


Latoya Smith





Testimonial-3, From Jeremy Gibbs o CIBC - FirstCaribbean International Bank 


Kindly accept this commendation on behalf of your officer, Mr. Basil Bodie.


Often time it's the negative and wrong doing that grabs our attention and is resounded.


However i would like to take this opportunity to say how appreciative we the CIBC-FCIB Source river Family have been in having such a Stella person with humility, vigilance, one is considerate and one has become a part of our work family.


As I recall Mr. Bodie has been assigned to our location over the past 4-5 years and has consistently been loyal to his duty/assignment.



 Jeremy Gibbs, 


CIBC - FirstCaribbean International Bank