Executive/VIP Protection & Escorts

At Wemco, we believe that the highest level of personal service and attention that we can provide to our clients is the protection of life. Wemco provides Executive/VIP Protection Escort Services to high profile individuals, executives and any other client with close guarding needs. We can provide you with plain clothes or uniformed officers to deter unwanted and hostile activities that can affect your personal safety, welfare and business. Our professional escorts are trained and prepared to provide you with the most effective and discrete protection in order for you to safely conduct your business transactions.  

A professional bodyguard is available to escort you home safely at night! You will be met by a highly trained and skilled professional bodyguard (to ensure your personal security) at a prearranged spot and then escorted back to your home. You will receive protection while you park your vehicle and enter your home. Thereby reducing the risk of hijacking or assault while you park your vehicle, and move to your home.

This service provides maximum visibility and is ideal for persons who may feel that they need close protection from the dangers and risk factors in the corporate world.


 If you believe that your personal security and well being are at risk or you need extra protection, contact us today.